How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Fitness Goals

When you first start your transformation journey you are motivated and ready to go. You are excited to go to the gym and to eat healthy, nutritious meals. But as time passes, all of that motivation starts to quickly fade.


If you have found yourself suddenly lacking motivation, here are 3 simple things you can do to stay motivated and focused on reaching your health and fitness goals.


#1 – Set Clear Goals


This is in my opinion the most important step to staying motivated. You need to have a clear goal before you start your fitness journey. Just saying you want to lose weight is not enough. How much weight do you want to lose? And by when do you want to lose it?


A good example of setting a clear goal would be “I will lose 30 pounds by October 31st.” This goal is time specific and deadline driven. Goals set in this manner are more likely to be accomplished.


#2 – Do Something You Actually Enjoy


When it comes to getting in shape, doing something you enjoy is a vital part of your overall success. Not everyone has a desire to be a bodybuilder or a bikini model. If you can’t stand going to the gym, don’t go!


You may prefer to do an at home workout program such as P90x or 21 Day Fix. By doing something you enjoy you are likely to stick with it and thus get the results you are after.


#3 – Workout With A Friend


Social workouts are often the best workouts. When you have someone there to push you, you are more likely to give it your all on every rep. Just make sure you pick the right friend. You don’t want someone who is more concerned with picking up girls, or guys, than actually working out.


If you can’t find a friend consider going to a class at your local gym. You will often find friendly people who will help you stay motivated.