4 Super Simple Workout Tips For Beginners

Starting a new fitness journey can be a very intimidating process. Especially when you feel like you aren’t armed with the proper knowledge to be successful.


To reach your health and fitness goals it is very important you start off on the right foot. Most beginners get off to a rocky start and before you know it they have given up and fallen back into their bad habits.


My goal with this article is to help you avoid some of the many challenges beginners run into. With that being said, here are 4 super simple workout tips for beginners.


#1 – Make Fitness A Habit


Success starts with consistency. Working out has to become a habit in your life. Your body will not start to change until it does. Being that you are a beginner you should start by working out 3-4 times a week.


And keep in mind it takes time to change your habits. If you miss a workout don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track the next day.


#2 – Get Your Diet In Check


You could workout everyday for 3 hours a day and not get any results if your diet is not in check. True transformation starts in the kitchen. What you put in your body matters more than most people realize.


Your diet is should be your number one priority. And just like fitness should be a habit, so should eating healthy.


Now this is not to say you can’t enjoy the foods you love the most. You can! You just can’t overdo it. It’s all about moderation and learning how to make healthy substitutions.


#3 – Focus On Compound Movements


If you are a beginner it is recommended you stay away from complex training techniques that are often found in bodybuilding articles all over the world wide web. If this is your first time lifting weights, or you haven’t been to the gym in years, compound movements will help you see results in a matter of days.


If of course your diet is in tact. Compound movements such as squats, lunges, the bench press, the deadlift and the bent over row will promote muscle growth and increase your metabolic rate.  These two things are very important when it comes to transforming your body.


#4 – If You Don’t Know Something, ASK!


The gym is probably the most intimidating place for a beginner. There are a ton of machines and chances are you have no idea how to use them. And that’s why it is so important you ask for help when you need it. That’s what the trainers and other staff members are there for.


Knowing how to use the equipment correctly is extremely important as using it wrong can lead to injury and prevent you from getting the results you are after.


The worst thing you can do is not ask for help when you need it. And truth be told, most people in the gym and super friendly and would be glad to lend you a helping hand.